EF6 Extensibility and Configuration


I just published two posts to the Entity Framework CodePlex site that cover some changes we are making to EF6 to improve extensibility and code-based configuration. These posts provide conceptual overviews of the features with relevant design and implementation details. The idea is that people who are interested in where EF is going can read posts like this and provide feedback on the direction, design, and implementation. Providing this kind of feedback is an important way to contribute to EF without even having to write any code. Continue reading

So you want to contribute to EF? Part 5: High-level architecture

This is the fifth part of a series providing some background to those who may want make contributes to the Entity Framework. In this post I’ll give an extremely high-level overview of the EF architecture. Continue reading

So you want to contribute to EF? Part 1: Introduction

As you have probably heard the Entity Framework source code is now available under an open source license. This means that the EF team are ready and excited to take your contributions.

The process for getting and building the EF code and for making contributions are documented on the EF CodePlex site. This series does not cover that information again but instead gives some context to help you in working with the code. This is the same kind of information that you would get if you joined the EF team. Continue reading

Why open sourcing Entity Framework is a great move

You have likely heard by now that the Entity Framework source code has been released under an open source license. I’m a developer on the EF team and I’d like to give you my perspective on this.

I’ve been on the team for several years and I have been involved a lot in the decision to take EF open source over the last year. (We’ve been working on this for quite some time.) That being said, keep in mind that everything on this blog including this post are my opinions and don’t necessarily reflect those of Microsoft or others on the team.

Continue reading