EF enums and spatial types on .NET 4

In EF5 some features (such as enums and spatial types) are only available when targeting .NET 4.5. This is because EF5 relies on core EF libraries in the .NET Framework. With EF6 this changes because the core EF code is now included in EntityFramework.dll and recent commits to the code make all EF features (except async) available on .NET 4. This includes enums, spatial support, TVFs, auto-compiled queries and other EF perf improvements, together with many smaller changes/bug fixes in the core code. Continue reading

Code First model builder versions

Code First’s convention-based approach to building a model has some interesting implications for breaking changes between different versions of EF. This post describes those implications and shows how model builder versions can be used to deal with potential breaking changes while still retaining a forward-moving developer experience. Continue reading