EF 6.1: Creating indexes with IndexAttribute

Since EF 4.3 it has been possible to use CreateIndex and DropIndex in Code First Migrations to create and drop indexes. However this had to be done manually by editing the migration because the index was not included anywhere in the Code First model. Now with EF 6.1 it is possible to add index specifications to the model such that creating and dropping indexes can be handled automatically by Migrations. Continue reading

Deleting orphans with Entity Framework

It is common for a single parent entity to be related to many child entities. This relationship may be required or optional. A  required relationship means that the child cannot exist without a parent, and if the parent is deleted or the relationship between the child and the parent is severed, then the child becomes orphaned. In such situations it is often useful to have the orphaned child automatically deleted. Continue reading

Code First Data Annotations on non-public properties

The Entity Framework supports mapping to public, protected, internal, and private properties. However, there are a few restrictions when mapping to non-public properties. and there are also some things you need to know when attempting to configure such mappings using Code First. In particular, mapping to non-public properties cannot be done using data annotations alone.

Continue reading