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EF7 Provider Building Blocks

In this post I’ll outline the basic building blocks needed for an EF7 provider. The idea is not to show how everything should be implemented, but rather to show what pieces are needed and how they fit together. The best … Continue reading

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Lego Mindstorms 360° Photobot for Gear VR

I found this video a week or so ago showing how to create 360° spherical photos that can be viewed in the Samsung/Oculus Gear VR. It works nicely, but it is both tedious and error-prone trying to manually capture all the … Continue reading

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The future of Virtual Reality is not gaming…

It is starting with games, games are a great fit, and the games are going to be awesome. But it will become huge through immersive sports, immersive music, and most importantly, immersive storytelling. Why? Because regardless of technology by far … Continue reading

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How Magic Leap redefined magic. Literally.

There has been huge excitement at the long awaited announcement that Harry Potter will be reinvented in Cinematic Reality. Despite this excitement some truly die-hard fans are angry. Why? Because Harry, Hermione, and Ron won’t be using magic; they will … Continue reading

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After wearing ourselves out in the real world, my daughter and I…

Today, after wearing ourselves out in the real world, my daughter and I have paddled down the Anduin and through the Argonath, floated in space above the Earth, flown through the Solar System and marveled at the beauty of Saturn’s … Continue reading

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Soft Oatmeal Cookies

How software engineers make cookies, or a true story about over thinking everything…

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EF 6.1: Creating indexes with IndexAttribute

Since EF 4.3 it has been possible to use CreateIndex and DropIndex in Code First Migrations to create and drop indexes. However this had to be done manually by editing the migration because the index was not included anywhere in … Continue reading

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