Sometimes I feel like sharing thoughts about the Entity Framework, my team, Microsoft, or coding in general. This blog is a place to put those thoughts.

A bit about me: I’m a developer on the Entity Framework team at Microsoft. I joined the team just after the first (.NET 3.5sp1) version of EF was completed. For EF 4.0 I worked mostly on POCO support and FK associations, with a bunch of other things thrown in. Since we wrapped up work on EF4 I have been primarily involved in the DbContext API and Code First.

You can follow me on twitter as @ajcvickers.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi,

    I have a question.
    What if EF generates stored procedures for it’s entities, will it increase the performance? I’m just curios.

  2. Just letting you know that you guys are awesome. We’re migrating from EF4 to EF5 and it amazes us the performance benefits that we can get by following the recommendations on MSDN. We are huge on ASP.NET MVC and are pleased with the direction those technologies are going.

    • @jens Every change gets sent out for code review before it gets checked in. The code review requests have a title and for quite some time on the EF team we have used puns or mildly amusing cultural references in the code review titles. Not everyone does this, and some people who do it for the team choose to remove the titles from the public commits. Others, like me, tend to leave them in. I usually choose names that are some cultural reference with a link (often obscure or tenuous) to the checkin. So, for example, “London 0, Hull 4” is an album by The Housemartins. I switched this to London0Null4 because the fix was about preventing nulls from defeating logging.

  3. Hi,
    I was lately working on a project with EF6 and did a whole work to overcome the inability of entity framework to detach object graphs, while lest say one of the biggest competitors nhibernate is capable of this. What about EF7 is this feature enabled? I did a lot of searching about this topic for EF7 but didn’t find enything.

    • @Ivi Hamiti The philosophy in EF Core is that context instances should be quick to create and should be short lived–typically one unit of work. Instead of attempting to detach objects, you should throw away the context instance and create a new one. Even if we implemented detach for graphs it would be much slower than just creating a new context instance. That being said, EF Core doesn’t shred graphs like EF6 did, so if you do want to detach a graph it is much easier to do.

  4. I have question

    what are the limitations with Code First Approach using EF6 with SQLite.
    – Database creation
    – Database Migration
    – Others

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