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Lego Mindstorms 360° Photobot for Gear VR

I found this video a week or so ago showing how to create 360° spherical photos that can be viewed in the Samsung/Oculus Gear VR. It works nicely, but it is both tedious and error-prone trying to manually capture all the images needed for a full spherical picture. I figured it would be much more convenient if something could automatically move the camera appropriately. Enter the Lego Mindstorms 360° Photobot for Gear VR!

The Photobot

The Photobot

This video on YouTube shows how it works. It’s not perfect–you can definitely see the stitching, especially on photos of relatively small spaces.

Here’s a sample photo of me and my daughter playing Minecraft taken using the photobot. (Yes, the room is a complete mess. I’ve been playing with Lego instead of being a grown-up!)

360° Photo for Gear VR

Sample 360° Photo for Gear VR taken using the Lego Photobot

This photo also shows something else that the photobot enables–being in your own 360° picture. The selfie-360 is born!

Now, what I would really love to do is capture 360° stereo photos! The sense of space is pretty decent without stereo, but stereo would certainly add a lot to the effect, especially for small spaces.

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  1. I’m a computer science teacher who frequently works with EV3 Mindstorms. Would you share the building instructions and code? My students will go crazy for this! Such a practical project, and very relevant!