EF6 release dates…or lack thereof

On the EF team we frequently get questions along the lines of, “when will the next version of EF be released?” This is an entirely reasonable question to ask and it is frustrating to me personally that I cannot answer such questions. But of course this is nothing compared to the frustration felt by those of you who never get an answer. So why is it this way?

Update: Visual Studio 2013 has been announced for “this year” by Brian Harry. If you read the rest of this post you will realized that this means EF6 RTM will be also released “this year”. Continue reading

Database initializer and Migrations Seed methods

Entity Framework contains two different methods both called Seed that do similar things but behave slightly differently. The first was introduced in EF 4.1 and works with database initializers. The second was introduced in EF 4.3 as part of Code First Migrations. This post describes how these two methods are used, when they are called, and how they differ from each other. Continue reading

EF6 SQL Logging – Part 1: Simple Logging

On the EF team we made a late decision to add some support for interception and logging of generated SQL in EF6. To this end recent checkins have added support for:

  • A Log property for the context similar to DataContext.Log in LINQ to SQL
  • A mechanism to customize the content and formatting of the output sent to the log
  • Low-level building blocks for interception giving greater control/flexibility

(Note that most of what is described here came in too late and is therefore not part of the beta 1 release. Instead you can try it out using a recent nightly build and it will be included in the upcoming RC release.)

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